Cooler Crushing

Just a blog based on coolers. Some people are not as creative as others so this is a blog that can help.

I do not own any of these pictures or coolers. Feel free to submit any pictures you have!

Anonymous asked: what materials are used to create these coolers? what kind of paint?

I swear by Krylon Fusion spray, which you can find in the actual spray paint section at Walmart. (The color of the spray is the color on the cap.) I use regular acrylic paints/paint pens, and sometimes I even use puffy paints for a little 3D effect. In between paint coats, I usually spray or brush on some modpodge, depending on what kind you get. Then after it is alll dry, I just bought some clear polyurethane varnish from Home Depot, but of course you can find that at any store that sells paints. (*caution though…the polyurethane emmits terrible fumes, so use it outside! and it is only removable with paint thinner, so BE CAREFUL!)