Cooler Crushing

Just a blog based on coolers. Some people are not as creative as others so this is a blog that can help.

I do not own any of these pictures or coolers. Feel free to submit any pictures you have!

Anonymous asked: when you modge podge the cooler after you're done, someone told me it will take the paint off so you have to be very careful. has this happened to you? do you MP and then spray with polyurethane?

This has never happened to me. I modge podge and then spray. The more coats of protective stuff the better!

Good Luck! 

Cooler #1!!

Here’s number one. Please don’t post until 6/22 or later, I’m surprising my boyfriend with it on the 21st as a birthday present. Thank you for all your help and when I finish #2, I’ll be sure to send pictures your way!

ssunshine-and-whiskey asked: how would you go about painting a jack daniel's logo over black spraypaint? i feel like you'd need 800 coats of white?? Also, do you know of any JD stencils? thanks!

I’ve never done a Jack Daniel’s logo but my friend has. She said that she just used white paint. It wasn’t as bad as she thought it was going to be. don’t have any stencils. You could try and find a picture on the internet, enlarged it, and make your own stencil. You could also just free hand it. I hope this helps some. Sorry This wasn’t very helpful :/ 

Good Luck! Im sure it will look amazing! 

Anonymous asked: Where do you buy modpodge??

You can get it at Walmart, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and most craft stores.