Cooler Crushing

Just a blog based on coolers. Some people are not as creative as others so this is a blog that can help.

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Out of town!

Hola chicas and chicos! Well I’m going out of town for a little bit so I won’t be able to be on tumblr. Sorry if you have any questions or anything I won’t be able to post or answer them till net Thursday. Love you all! 

amaazing asked: hiii it's me again. i need to have these coolers ready to go by friday night. what do you recommend to finish the cooler with? i've read both modge podge and polyurethane. i live somewhere rather humid and i need it to dry asap so i can do the next coat. advice please and thank you and i'll send pics once these things are finished.

Don’t worry about it. I like modge podge personally. As for the humidity I would try and fine your driest room, also maybe use a hair dryer on low. I hope everything turns out well! Thanks! Can’t wait for the pictures!